Music Therapy Services For Your Child
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Music Therapy Resources, LLC provides individual and group music therapy services to children and adolescents. All services include assessments, treatment, and evaluations.

The music therapy assessment helps create an individualized treatment plan for your child. In order for your child to receive the most effective care, the music therapist welcomes you to discuss your child’s history, conditions, presenting issues, music history, preferences, concerns, needs, and goals. Your child will be invited to interact with music instruments and the music therapist. The music therapist will provide opportunities for your child to comfortably make music. Your feedback and your child’s musical interactions will provide information to form a personalized treatment plan.

Individual Treatment:
Your child will be invited to participate in a variety of enjoyable therapeutic music activities. Your child’s music activities have therapeutic objectives to help reach their goals. Their music activities may include playing instruments with their favorite songs, writing music and lyrics, moving to their favorite songs, or discovering new sounds and ideas with a computer music program.

Group Treatment:
Your child will be invited to participate with other children who have similar needs in a variety of unique music therapy activities. Your child has the opportunity to develop their social skills, have fun, and accomplish their goals.

You have the opportunity to meet with the music therapist after a set period of time to discuss your child’s progress and needs. Your continued feedback will help the therapist modify your child’s treatment plan in order for them to accomplish their therapeutic objectives and goals.


The Music Therapy Room at Music Therapy Resources

Music Therapy Resources has a variety of music instruments, sound media, and non-musical resources that help your child achieve their therapeutic objectives and goals. These resources include:

Music Instruments:
1. Drums
2. Mallet instruments
3. World Percussion Instruments
4. Electric Piano and synthesizers
5. Guitar
6. Adoptive music instruments for children and adolescents with special needs
7. music toys

Sound Media:
1. Computer Digital Audio Work Station
2. CD/MP3 player
3. Digital video/photo/slideshow programs
4. Music and digital art programs

Non-Musical Resources:
1. Drawing Paper
2. Colored Markers and Crayons
3. Clay
4. Balls
5. Dolls
6. Non-toxic/washable paints
7. Puppets