Music Therapy Contracting Services

Music Therapy Resources, LLC can provide contracting services for:

1. Schools
2. Special Education Academic Programs
3. Camps
4. School Inclusion Programs
5. Special Needs Programs
6. Outreach Programs
7. Addiction Groups
8. Social Services
9. Support Groups
10. Team Building Programs
11. IEP Goals and Objectives: Music Therapy is a related service under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

Contracting music therapy services have been effectively used to help youth with special needs significantly improve function in a variety of environments. For example, contracting music therapy services have helped students in inclusion and special education programs:

1. Decrease transition time from one activity into another activity
2. Improve communication skills with teachers and aides
3. Improve sharing with peers
4. Decrease anxiety in inclusion classrooms
5. Increase attention span for academic activities
6. Increase frustration tolerance for demanding behaviors
7. Improve comprehension of challenging academic subjects
8. Improve problem solving skills for social conflicts
9. Improve peer mediation
10. Increase student sensitivity and awareness for peers who are in inclusion and special education
11. Decrease attention seeking behaviors
12. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
13. Increase independence