The Benefits of Music Therapy For Your Child


1. Music Therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure for your child or adolescent.

2. Your child or adolescent does not have to be a musician or know how to play instruments.

3. Clinical research has shown music therapy to help children and adolescents by significantly changing mood, increasing their attention span, increasing self-awareness, improving problem solving skills, improving and increasing communication skills, increasing reality orientation, improving cognition, improving interpersonal skills, decreasing anxiety, improving gross/fine motor skills, improving social skills, improving physiology, and increasing self-esteem.

4. Children and adolescents who have difficulty with self-expression during verbal therapy may be more comfortable using non-verbal music therapy interventions.

5. Music Therapy can be customized to meet your child or adolescent’s developmental, emotional, psychological, cognitive, and physiological needs.

6. Children and adolescents enjoy music.

7. Music Therapy provides non-judgement and acceptance to your child or adolescent regardless of condition, culture, and history.

8. Music Therapy is recognized by most health care workers.

9. Board Certified Music Therapists are trained to treat most clinical populations and individuals who seek therapy.

10. Board Certified Music Therapists are recognized by the United States Government as a resource of therapy.