Ian Ash, MMT, MT-BC

Ian 01

Ian Ash is a board-certified music therapist who earned his Master of Music Therapy degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. during 2002. Ian grew up on the Main Line and has always loved music. Since he was a young child, he would turn his toys into drums and play rhythms. Soon after, his parents encouraged him to play drums. Ian studied drum set for 10 years and this passion lead to obtaining a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA during 1992. After graduation, Ian taught music at several music schools and private schools in the Philadelphia area. At the same time, he began playing drums and percussion in a variety of music projects throughout the tri-state region. Ian became interested in music therapy after reading several articles that were given to him by a friend who was involved with art therapy. Ian also noticed how people would change their moods and attention span after listening to live music. He began to research and discover that music had many hidden intricacies that could benefit people. In turn, this increased Ian’s curiosity in the process of how music affects people. He realized that there were creative opportunities to help people with their therapeutic needs through music. This lead to Ian enrolling in the Masters of Music Therapy Equivalency program at Temple University during 1999. During the program, Ian learned to play piano, guitar, and sing in order to assist patients with their therapeutic needs.

Since graduating from Temple’s program, Ian has practiced music therapy at psychiatric hospitals, special education centers, schools, intermediary units, outpatient facilities, and geriatric facilities. The populations that he has served includes children and adolescents with mental retardation, learning disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders, emotional disturbances, trauma, abuse, psychiatric illness, addiction, and medical problems. Ian has also served adults and geriatric patients with similar histories. Ian continues to educate himself in order to learn the most effective music therapy methods for treating children and adolescents. Ian enjoys helping children and adolescents grow through music therapy.