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What brought you to this website?

Did somebody recommend to you to try music therapy for your child? Or, perhaps you briefly read about music therapy. You might have responded by saying,“Try music what?” Then, you might have paused for a second after hearing this term and said, “How can music be therapy or possibly help my child with their needs?” This is a perfectly understandable response and Music Therapy Resources, LLC will be happy to help you answer this question in the proceeding paragraphs. So welcome!

Do you ever watch your child when music is around them? What do they do? Do they move, laugh, smile, watch others move, clap their hands, create a funny dance, stomp their feet, sing along with the song, imitate playing instruments that they hear, or try to play the instruments that they see in front of them? It almost seems like children automatically become a magnet when they encounter music.

Or, does your teenager keep nagging you if they can go to a concert to hear their favorite band? Do they ask if they can turn the radio louder and change your pre-programed radio stations to “their” station in “your” car? Or, do they want their privacy and walk somewhere with their ipod on? If you have children or teenagers, you must have seen this. It seems like children are naturally attracted to music. For that reason, music can be a link to help reach your child in therapy. This is what we specialize in at Music Therapy Resources, LLC.

Music Therapy Resources,LLC is a private music therapy practice that provides creative opportunities to help your child through music. At Music Therapy Resources, LLC, therapeutic music activities are thoughtfully designed to meet your child’s needs. This private practice is conveniently located on the Main Line in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Music Therapy Resources, LLC is owned and operated by Ian Ash, MMT, MT-BC.

Mission Statement

Music Therapy Resources, LLC is devoted to providing the most effective music therapy treatment available to your child or adolescent in order for them to gain their maximum therapeutic needs. Music Therapy Resources, LLC gives unconditional acceptance to your child or adolescent in a safe, private, supportive, and comfortable environment so they are able to focus on receiving music therapy.